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Is It Time to Retire Your 401(k)?

Is it time to retire your 401(k) and come up with another strategy that will actually allow you to retire someday? This may seem like a strange question to most people. Why would anyone want to change the idea of

Brian Britt "Retirement Jackpot" blog post image of a row of slot machines

Hitting the Retirement Jackpot

I want to play a game with you for a moment. California’s Mega Millions lottery jackpot was recently over $350 million. I want you to imagine yourself sitting in your easy chair the night the numbers are announced. As the

Coming Soon: “Friendly Skies Investing” for the Rest of Us

The way I see it, from the minute I step into that security line to the time I land at my destination (with my luggage), I feel like I am at the mercy of others,  and I just don’t like

More Proof that Buy, Hold and Rebalance is Dead

Basically MPT assumes that a person will build a nice pie chart with a mix between stocks and bonds and simply rebalance to the base model when things fall out of balance. In theory, this approach forces you to buy

The Top 2 Financial Insecurities

As you think about that picture a little bit more, do you see yourself working as a greeter at Wal-Mart? Living with your kids because you ran out of money? Lying in a hospital bed and depending on government programs

The Birth of the 401(k) and the Death of Security

That decision was called ERISA and it was the birth of the self-directed retirement account known by many as a 401(k). Once upon a time, back in the day when our grandparents and parents were working, there was an agreement

Rising Rates? A Definite Maybe.

Will interest rates rise if the biggest buyer of Treasury bonds leaves the market? and  Will inflation finally rear its ugly head? It irritates me when people say that rates are definitely going to rise. This is not a cut-and-dried

Confusing and Complex… Bond Market 101

Before we get too deep into Fed policy and how the government will have a very difficult time ending their artificial life support called QE3, let’s talk about what it means to your risk management strategy. Bonds are one of

Meet Your New Landlord. . . An 800-pound Gorilla

Here we are today, only a few years out of the worst recession in 80 years and in many parts of the country, especially places like California and New York, prices are rocketing back towards pre-crash levels. Are we approaching

Happy Days Are Here…to Stay?

The big question that I think you need to be asking yourself as we enter 2014 is, “Should I be celebrating my gains and continuing to party on or should I be looking at what my game plan is when