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Bubble, Bubble, Toil and… Trouble?

That all changed yesterday when the Fed gave the world a clear sign that they had begun the sequence of slowing down and eventually shutting off their artificial manipulation of interest rates thus allowing market forces to eventually control rates

What Would Einstein Say About Your Investment Portfolio?

When things seem too good to be true, what should you do as an investor? The answer is to review your emergency plan for when everything hits the fan again just like it did in 2008 and in 2000. Let’s

How to Start Your Own Financial Strategy Workshop: Begin with These 4 Questions

My goal is to give you some tools to help you assess what you think is going to happen in the future and how you can prepare your investments based on those beliefs. You might be thinking, wait a minute,

Why the Next 90 days May be Good for Your Bond Portfolio

First let’s talk about interest rates and your bond portfolio. As you may recall, over the summer Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke floated the idea that if the economics warranted it, the Fed would consider backing off some of the $85

Investment Strategies for a Government Stalemate That Will End 1 of 3 Ways

The first possibility is that Congress strikes a deal that allows the line of credit known as the debt ceiling to be increased for six weeks with no agreements to lower our current policy of spending way more than we

2 Strategies to Distance Your Portfolio from the Games in Washington

There are actually two strategies to take advantage of in times like these.  The first deals with investment portfolios that are directly in the stock or bond market either through mutual funds or individual securities maybe inside of a 401(k)

Don’t follow this financial advice

And when I finally got home for dinner last night after a long day, my wife hands me an article that she found on Yahoo Finance and says “I thought you might be interested in this, but you might want

Is There an End in Sight for QEternity?

So to answer those questions, we need to first step back in time a bit and revisit the conditions stated by the Fed back in September of 2012 when QEternity began. Chairman Ben Bernanke told the world that the latest

India Takes it to a Whole New Level

Why has India, after trying everything under the sun to get its citizens to stop buying gold, taken it to a whole new level? As of this moment, it is illegal for Indian citizens to buy gold coins or medallions,

How to become more like the 1% and less like the 99%

So here we are 7 months into the year with barely any change in the overall economy, and the stock market continues its wild “orgy like” party compliments of the 3rd and latest Federal Reserve stimulus program. I mean let’s