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• The old retirement paradigm vs. the new paradigm
• How to create a clear vision for retirement
• Creating a retirement road map
• Keys to transitioning to retirement
• How a long-term care event may affect your retirement
• Medicaid spend-down rules
• Community spouse rules
• The 4 common alternatives to pay for long-term care
• Recent innovations in long-term care planning
• The impact of dramatic market loss in retirement
• Is “buy and hold” appropriate in retirement?
• How to protect against the two types of investment risk
• How to protect your assets from stock market volatility
• Why “asset allocation” alone may not be enough
• How to truly diversify your retirement portfolio

• Why experts say tax rates could double
• How rising taxes may affect your retirement cash flow
• The “Catch 22” of 401k’s and IRA’s
• How lost deductions may affect your taxes in retirement

• How the new rules on “Rate of Withdrawal” affect you
• How to ensure you won’t run out of money in retirement
• How to liquidate your retirement assets in the right order
• How to protect against “sequence of returns” risk
• The causes of Social Security taxation
• The Social Security thresholds you need to be aware of
• The real cost of Social Security taxation
• Strategies to eliminate Social Security taxation
• Social Security maximization strategies
• The three basic retirement accounts
• How to accumulate dollars in the right types of accounts
for retirement
• What’s better for you: tax-deferred or tax-advantaged
• How to define a “true” tax-advantaged investment
• When should you convert to a Roth?
• How IRA’s and 401k’s cause Social Security taxation
• Strategies to reduce or eliminate taxes in retirement



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  • The Truth About the History of Tax Rates…and Where Taxes Could Be Headed in the Future
  • How Our Country’s Demographic Trends Have Lead to a Dramatic Underfunding of Social Security and Medicare
  • The Math Behind Our Government’s Unfunded Obligations
  • Why Some Experts Believe that Tax Rates Have to Double to Keep Our Country Solvent
  • How Getting to the 0% Tax Bracket in Retirement Could Help Protect You from Rising Taxes!
  • And Much, Much More!


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Your Instructor

Brian Britt,
Managing Director

Brian has been in practice helping individuals and institutions protect and grow their wealth since 1983.

He became a Registered Representative at the age of 19 while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics from the College of Business at Saint John’s University in New York. Upon graduating, Brian spent much of the next 25 years in senior financial advisory positions at Fortune 500 companies such as Lehman Brothers, Paine Webber and Merrill Lynch.

After the financial crisis forced the merger of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America in 2010, Brian decided that it was in the best interest of his clients to open a private practice in partnership with several boutique investment advisory firms that offered a more stable and personalized experience to his clients. Today, Brian serves as the Managing Director and Retirement Strategist for CONCERT Wealth Management, Inc. a San Jose-based registered investment advisory firm and Sowell Management Services, an Arkansas-based registered investment advisory firm. Brian’s vast experience and seasoned perspective allows him to help his clients develop a simple yet effective financial plan geared towards sustainable retirement income, tax protection and family wealth transfer. As a student of history and math, Brian provides “outside-the-box” thinking to help his clients gain an edge over the popular mainstream financial advice of our time.

In his personal life Brian is an accomplished pianist, an avid horseman, a former pro-am polo player and a motorcycle enthusiast. He has donated hundreds of hours of his time to helping children and adults with disabilities and has been a patron of the arts through his contributions to San Diego’s Chamber Orchestra and San Diego Ballet. He is also a supporter of the Warrior Foundation helping artists, honor and support those who have served and sacrificed for our country.

His other professional accomplishments and experience include:

  • Board Member, Capital Campaign Committee, Torrey Hills YMCA (2002-2006)
  • Chair of Capital Campaign Committee, Helen Woodward Animal Center, $50 million renovation project (2006-2008)
  • Master Coach and Consultant, Trust-Based Selling, Unlock the Game (2008-2012)
  • Guest Economic Instructor, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, San Diego, CA (2011-2012)
  • Contributor, Your Family Matters with Dr. Keith Kanner, WS (March 6, 2013)
  • Contributor, “Facebook IPO” 10News ABC San Diego KG TV (May 2012)
  • Contributor, “Stock Market Caution” NBC7 San Diego News at 6 (March 29, 2013)
  • Contributor and Featured Guest, Business Leader Radio hosted by Wade Taylor, (2013)
  • Planning Board Member, Torrey Hills Community Planning Board (2015-present)
  • Instruction, The National Society of Financial Educators (2015-present)