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Why are Americans giving up on the dream of being able to one day enjoy their golden years?

Let me share with you a couple of reasons that the survey came up with, and then I’ll tell you why I think everyone is so depressed about their retirement prospects. According to the survey from EBRI: 1) Almost 60%

Does Your Company Offer a Brokerage Window?

Now, most employees and even many employers are unaware that there is something called a brokerage window that allows you to expand your existing investment options beyond the limited menu of mutual funds that your company 401k currently offers you.

Tell-Tale Signs of a Bursting Bubble

Let’s talk about our bloated stock market that’s gone from 6600 on the Dow in 2009 to today’s new high of 15572 in only 4 years, while economic growth and prosperity has seen barely any improvement to speak of. So

Is QE3 Finally Coming to an End?

Let’s take a look at what all the excitement is about in the bond market and how the market thought they heard Chairman Ben Bernanke say something that he said he didn’t really say. If you’ve been following the financial

Is Gold Dead?

Well before I answer those fascinating questions, let’s just stop and remember the three things that drive gold prices as an investment: Fear of inflation, distrust of government printed fiat currency and geopolitical instability. Alright, so let’s talk about inflation.

Does government money printing really cause inflation?

Before I explain why, let me give you an example: After the great stock and real estate market crash of 2008, the government went on a stimulus rampage printing trillions of dollars, first, to bail out all of the institutions

Should you think about taking some chips off the stock table for the summer?

I went back to May of 2006, the first time gold pulled back from its run that began in 2000, and between May and June of 2006, it dropped 19.71%. Then, between March of 2008 and October of 2008, it

“When it goes south, you can’t get out”

Is there an investment opportunity for you in this real estate revival that we have been witnessing over the last 12 months or so, or is there a dangerous landmine that you need to avoid? Like I said, the average

Keep an Eye on the Numbers, Have a Strategy and Follow it

Let’s check in with our beloved gold position and see how it’s been doing since it took its biggest fall in decades and gave back 13% of its amazing performance in just four days. Now, first of all, there are

Our “Beloved” Gold Takes a Fall

Now first of all, I refer to gold as “beloved” because since the year 2000, gold has consistently risen in all types of markets and is up over 800% from its bottom. It has thrived in recessions, stock market crashes,